7AA High Efficiency Wall Mount Heat Pumps

Used primarily to cool telecommunication equipment shelters, Eubank® vertical package exterior wall mount air conditioners are problem solvers for a wide range of conditions and applications. Due to the high internal heat load, these shelters require cooling even when outside temperatures drop below 60°F (15°C). The Eubank family of exterior wall mount air conditioners have the necessary controls and components for operation during these (less than 60°F [15°C]) temperatures. All models use the non-ozone depleting R-410A refrigerant.

Eubank air conditioners are available with an optional factory installed economizer. When ambient conditions are cool and dry, the economizer uses outside air to cool the shelter. The economizer provides temperature control, energy cost savings, and increased reliability by decreasing the operating hours of the compressor and the condenser fan. All economizers are factory installed and tested. In addition, factory and field installed options and accessories can be used to meet specific requirements.

7AA1024H - 1060H Single Stage High Efficiency Models:

  • EER: 11.00 - 11.50
  • Cooling Capacities: 2, 2½, 3, 3½, 4 and 5 tons (24,000 BTUH to 60,000 BTUH)

7AA2024H - 2060H 2-Stage Compressor Models:

  • EER: 11.00
  • IPLV: 13.6 - 15.0
  • Cooling Capacities: 2, 2½, 3 and 3½, 4, and 5 tons (24,000 BTUH to 60,000 BTUH)
  • 2-Stage Compressor: First stage cooling is approximately 65% of the total cooling capacity. The 2-stage compressor provides lower start-up amps which can be critical when operating with a generator. The two stage compressor also reduces energy costs by more precisely matching its cooling capacity with the heat load in the shelter.

Outside Air for Ventilation or Free Cooling

A full range of accessories and options allows Eubank heat pumps to be optimized for each application. For classrooms, a complete range of ventilation options are available to meet the fresh air requirements of the ASHRAE 62 standard, “Ventilation for Acceptable Indoor Air Quality”, including the exclusive Eubank GreenWheel® Energy Recovery Ventilator. Where cooling is required during cool or cold weather, e.g., telecommunications shelters, a factory installed economizer should be used. To insure proper operation and optimum performance, all outside air ventilation packages are non-removable, factory installed and factory calibrated.

2-Stage Compressor

Eubank 7AA2024H - 2060H models feature a two stage compressor with a first stage capacity of 65% of the total capacity. The two stage compressor offers better comfort by maintaining more precise temperature and relative humidity levels with improved overall energy efficiency. During mild conditions, the first stage can satisfy the load, minimizing temperature fluctuations providing steady, even comfort. With Integrated Part Load Performance Values (IPLV) of up to 15.0, the Classic heat pump with the two stage, high efficiency compressor can provide significant energy savings compared to older, less efficient systems. The cooling mode has two stage operation; heating is single stage.

Quiet in the Classroom

In addition to high efficiency, the 7AA models minimize sound levels in the classroom. A high efficiency axial fan moves air silently through the outdoor coils. A low vibration, scroll compressor insures quiet operation as well as energy efficiency. The indoor air mover utilizes a revolutionary electronically commutated motor (ECM). This motor consumes a minimum of power with whisper quiet operation.

Safety Listed and Energy Certified

All Eubank heat pumps are built to the current UL and CAN/CSA standards. For energy efficiency and performance, the units are tested and rated in accordance to the ANSI/AHRI (Air-Conditioning Heating and Refrigeration Institute) Standard 390 (Single Package Vertical Units). All units meet or exceed the efficiency requirements of ANSI/ASHRAE/IESNA 90.1.2010. Marvair heat pumps are commercial units and are not intended for use in residential applications.


The introduction of outside air can cause humidity levels to rise to unacceptable levels. To reduce humidity, 7AA heat pumps can be ordered with a Hot Gas Reheat (HGR) coil. The HGR coil allows the heat pump to dehumidify without adversely lowering the temperature in the classroom and uses less energy than electric reheat. When used in conjunction with the GreenWheel® ERV or the GreenCube® ERV, humidity levels can be controlled at a minimum of expense. Download the Product Data Sheet and see page 4 for a detailed description of the operation of the Hot Gas Reheat Coil.

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    High Efficiency

    • Scroll compressors are standard on all units.
    • Lanced fins and rifled tubing on the indoor & outdoor coils maximize heat transfer.
    • Electronically commutated indoor blower motor on the HVPA high efficiency models and two speed indoor blower motor on the AVPA standard efficiency models.

    Engineered Reliability

    • PC board simplifies wiring, consolidates several of the electrical functions in one device.
    • High refrigerant pressure switch with lockout relay protects the compressor in the event of insufficient condenser air flow.
    • Loss of charge pressure switch with lockout relay protects the compressor in the event of a loss of refrigerant or inadequate evaporator air flow.
    • Time delay for short cycle protection

        Ease of Installation

        • Sloped top with flashing eliminates need of rain hood.
        • Built-in mounting flanges facilitate installation and minimize chance of water leaks.
        • Factory installed disconnect on all units, including 460v. models.
        • Outside air hood included with each unit.
        • Single Point Power Entry complies with latest edition of U.L. Standard 1995.

        Rugged Construction

        • Baked on beige finish over galvaneel steel on exterior sheet metal.
        • Copper tube, aluminum fin evaporator and condenser coils.
        • Corrosion resistant Dacromet® external fasteners.

        Ease of Service

        • LED’s on the control board indicate operational status and fault conditions.
        • Refrigerant access valves are standard.
        • All major components are readily accessible.
        • Front control panel allows easy access and complies with NEC clearance codes on side by side units.
        • Major components accessible from either side.